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Watch our introduction of Sabasco® by the Sabah Chilli Company 

Watch our the story of Sabasco® 's Kunak Momporok Chilli

Origin :Kunak, Sabah
Type : Momporok Chilli

For many generations, Sabahans knew about the most aromatic local "Momporok" Chilli. Historically sourced at Tamu markets, the foraged Momporok Chilli is now Sabah's best-kept secret for anyone who seeks the most novel spice!

Sabasco's Momporok Chillis are sourced from Kunak, South East Coast of Sabah. Where volcanic marshlands met the sea, Momporok Chillis grew unassumingly, cultivated by resident Bulbul birds dispersing seeds into a manner of wild abundance.

This method of germination established a taste & aroma in the chillis, which became unique to the locality of Kunak.

Sabasco's Chilli Sauce is to be enjoyed alone, or alternatively with a spritz of Kasturi lime juice and your favourite soy sauce.

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